DISC is the one stop shop for security CCTV systems. Whether you need 1 extra camera added to your existing system, upgrading old coax analogue cameras to new IP cameras or whole new system of 300 plus cameras, DISC can designs, install and commission any sized job to me your needs.

All of DISC’s designers and technicians are trained regularly on the latest emerging technologies to ensure you the customer are getting the very best of the newest deployment methods and surveillance technologies. 

DISC believes strongly in the future and moving forward, which is why we choose our technology partners carefully. Companies who take pride in their research and development always catch our eye. DISC knows when we deploy a system into your environment every part of it has already gone through large amounts of testing, giving you the peace of mind your system can protect your asset the way it has been designed to do. 

DISC are proud to be GOLD Milestone partners. Milestone Systems are global leaders in open platform IP video management Software (VMS). Open platform means you are not locked into using only one camera manufacture, giving you the choice to use the best camera equipment to meet your budget at the time or change as new technologies emerge in the future.

Milestone VMS has many different deployment levels of software depending on the size of your installation. DISC’s Milestone Advanced Certified designers can help you choose which product level is best to deploy in your design and provide the right features you require. You may be a store owner and need only 5 cameras or you may own 5 stores and need to view all stores from a central location, DISC can design systems to meet these needs.

Along with been GOLD partners with Milestone DISC is also GOLD partners with AXIS. AXIS is our camera manufacture of choice, we have used them for many years. Axis are the market leader in network video and a driving force behind the shift from analogue to digital video surveillance, which paves the way for a more secure, smarter and safer world. 

At DISC we believe that CCTV has come to such a time and place where CCTV systems should start looking after their selves, that’s why we offer email notification configuration on all our products which are connected to the internet. With this feature configured, as soon as a failure or problem arises within your system our service department will be notified. Whether it’s a failed hard drive, camera failure or power lose we will know about it before you do, with this service along with our remote dial in support we can investigate the problem quickly and provide you with fast turnaround on your system down time.

Along with self monitoring systems we also believe that, gone are the days of where a CCTV system is just used for asset protection and catching thieves. Although these are great purposes for CCTV systems, analytics is the new application to work alongside your CCTV surveillance system. Analytics can be used in many different ways for many different businesses, from people counting, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), and fence detection to monitoring over heating electronic equipment within a cabinet. We can provide tailored analytic applications to meet your business needs.